Linda Scobie, Ph.D.

Linda Scobie, Ph.D.

In addition, Professor Scobie leads a research group interested in viral zoonoses in the context of novel technologies such as xenotransplantation, and the contribution and/or reactivation of viruses in chronic disease conditions. Professor Scobie is a member of the World Health Organization committee for the global consultation on regulatory requirements for xenotransplantation trials and was involved in the 2019 update to the Changsha communique.

The team is also interested in emerging viral disease and potential routes of infection, in particular, Hepatitis E virus is the main interest of the group along with other foodborne pathogens that may pose a risk to public health and the environment.

- Member of the Advisory Committee on Microbiological Safety in Food (ACMSF)

- Research Group Lead for the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

- Chair of the Genetic Modification Steering Committee for GMO work carried out at GCU. If you wish to carry out work with any GMO at GCU please contact Professor Scobie by email or for guidance refer to the link to our staff pages on GM here