Clinical Product Development

Our FDA-grade animal cell source allows for multiplex genomic edits in the germline – multipotent stem cells – which naturally differentiate into therapeutic cell targets.


We conduct all phases of clinical product development, including cell engineering, prototype design and evaluation, cGMP manufacturing, as well as pre-and-clinical stage product evaluation.


Our peer markets include Neurodegenerative Disease Cell Therapy, Organ Products, Infectious Disease & Vaccines, Skin & Wound Care, and Contract Cell Line Manufacturers.


Science is challenging; why go it alone? Alexis Bio is always eager to work with partners and collaborators who share our vision for fundamentally changing how medicine works, fixing diseases, and helping patients.

Our Pipeline


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Xeno-Skin® - Live Biotherapeutic Porcine Skin Xenotransplant

Xeno-Nerve® - Live Biotherapeutic Peripheral Nerve Xenotransplant

AB001 - Dopaminergic Neuronal Cell Replacement for Parkinson's Disease

AB002 - Epitope-Targeted, Species-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies

AB003 (HEPA-Filter) - Ex-vivo Liver Dialysis for Acute Liver Failure

AB004 - Pancreatic Islet Cell Replacement for Type I Diabetes

AB005 (Bio-U-Twin) -

Personalized Animal Model for Individualized Disease and Clinical Trial Research

AB006 - MHC Haplotype Matched T-Cells for Oncology and Immunotherapy

AB007 - Kidney Xenotransplant for End-Stage Renal Failure

AB008 - Myocardial Cell and Blood Vessel Replacement for Heart Disease