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New Medicines
from New Cells

We engineer personalized cells to create regenerative medicine solutions for both common and rare diseases. 

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Innovation is at the Core

of What We Do​

Genetically altered animal donors are utilized as a new source to safely and ethically generate scalable cell therapies, ensuring immune compatibility for personalized "off-the-shelf" regenerative medicine.


The Goal of Regenerative​

Medicine​ is to Restore​ Function

Regenerative medicine is changing healthcare by moving from treating symptoms to finding cures, using rejuvenation, regeneration, and replacement principles.


Optimizing cell sources for regenerative medicine is hindered by immune incompatibilities, quality control issues, and suboptimal clinical readiness in autologous, allogeneic, and synthetic products. Innovative solutions are urgently needed to overcome these shortcomings.

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It’s an Exciting Opportunity 

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A Passionate Team Committed to Pioneering New Science

We believe the only way to achieve our ambitious goals is to engage as one team, to always do what is right, and trust in ourselves and our science.

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