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Engineering Life Today,

Restoring Hope Tomorrow

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The Goal of Regenerative Medicine Is to Restore Function

Despite the ongoing efforts, the use of human cells in regenerative medicine has fallen short of expectations.


Why keep using human cells if they don't work?


Cells from animal donors can replace lost or damaged cells, tissues, and organs, restoring function and promoting healing.


We design and create genetically optimized

animal donors to finally deliver on the promise

of regenerative medicine.


From Nearly Human

to Nearly You.


New Medicine from New Cells

Our goal is to enable the clinical replacement of any cell in the human body that has been lost or damaged due to injury,

disease or age.


Our approach utilizes genetically optimized non-human cells from donor animals that are safe, naturally differentiated, and "immune-corrected" through advanced germline-level genetic alterations, enhancing compatibility with the human immune system.


Our blueprint for these cells is inspired by the remarkable designs of nature, the ultimate engineer.

Our commitment is to deliver a scalable, cost-effective, and high-quality source of life-saving cells, tissues, and organs to meet

global unmet medical needs.

We are Alexis Bio and We Engineer Life

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A Word From Our Chairman -

Steve Gullans Ph.D. 

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